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Did you know that if you don’t properly maintain your air conditioning system you are more than likely going to lose about 5 percent of its efficiency for every year that you run it?

If you fail to maintain your air conditioner, even though the mechanical parts of the unit may seem to be working, the cooling power will completely diminish, and eventually cause severe damage to your air conditioning system. Unfortunately, the cost of repairing these damages can be very expensive.

At AirCo we are customer-driven, professional, and available at all times of the day or night for any repairs that need to be done on your air conditioning system.

Let’s look at some ways in which to extend the life of your Air conditioning system to avoid any untimely damage to your much-needed unit.

Keep the Air Filter clean

The air filter in an air-conditioning system is used to stop any dirt or particles from making their way into the room. A dirty air filter will cause your air conditioner to work much harder and compromise its ability to create optimal air quality in the room it is being used in.

An air filter can easily be cleaned and should be done regularly by your service provider to avoid any unnecessary issues.

Clean and Maintain Coils

An air-conditioning coil is used to absorb the heat and cool down the room. Sometimes the coils can become surrounded by dust particles which can cause your unit to lose its ability to absorb heat efficiently.

When this happens, your unit will work much harder in an attempt to maintain the temperature of the room and eventually impair the entire system’s ability to keep the room cool.

AirCo will make sure that your coils are cleaned regularly. These coils are sharp and can be risky to touch which is why it is always better to use a professional technician to periodically check and maintain the coils in your air-conditioning system.

Check the Condenser Unit Fan

If the condenser unit fan is not performing at its best ability, then it will be unable to cool down the refrigerant gas and the air-conditioning until will no longer be able to keep the room cool. Strange noises coming from the unit usually mean that the condenser unit fan is not working anymore.

When this happens call your service provider immediately. The qualified technicians at AirCo will be able to check for heaviness in the motor or seek out and repair any cracks in the blades.

The Condensate Drain Must Be Checked Regularly

The purpose of a condensate drain is to drain any condensation that may be present in the system. If this becomes clogged, then it will stop draining and you will notice that the water is not getting drained out of the system.

If this happens you are going to need a professional at AirCo to come and have a look at your unit.

Cut Back Plants Around the Unit

Air conditioners need an adequate amount of airflow to perform at their best. If your garden is heavily overgrown or is growing near or around your unit then it is time to prune down your garden and cut back any trees or bushes that can hamper the unit from getting enough air into its system

Make Sure to Maintain Regular Professional Maintenance

An air-conditioning service provider can assist you to maintain and repair your system throughout the year. At AirCo we will help you to get the best out of your air-conditioning unit by:

  • Maintaining your system regularly to prevent any breakdowns.
  • Accessing and troubleshooting any issues that you may be experiencing with your unit.
  • Servicing your unit at regular intervals so that it continues to achieve its optimum performance.

At AirCo we will inspect the coils, fan, motor blades, compressors, and tubing regularly. We will also inspect the refrigerant levels, clean the unit, and adjust the levels if necessary.

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