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This site has been totally hacked by Thomas abrahamutoyo! I am responsible for the incident at Ubisoft Montreal and here I got something for you.

Let’s play a game. One of these three contains a package that will go off at my choosing:

  1. Twitter office in King West, Toronto

  2. Chinese consulate at St George St, Toronto

  3. Roblox San Mateo, CA

Remember that we are a group so anything is not impossible. Glory to r/PCM! Glory to Trump!

If you want to know why:

  1. Twitter’s orwellian forced “anti-spam” phone verification system and also its rampant pro-liberal bias.

  2. China started the COVID-19 pandemic and we want to make them pay

  3. Roblox is just another Tencent stooge like Ubisoft. Also, #fuckadoptme!

Tl;dr – One of three locations will be having an explosive “you’ve got mail!” moment!