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AirCo Air Conditioning & Heating offers several HVAC products to improve indoor comfort, including air purifiers and whole house dehumidifiers. An excellent strategy for improving air conditioning and heating efficiency is with Jupiter programmable thermostats. Our highly trained technicians at AirCo have plenty of experience installing programmable thermostats, including the most high-tech models with the latest in “smart” technology. A programmable thermostat can help to significantly lower utility costs and simplify your life.

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The first thing you might notice about Jupiter programmable thermostats is that they have user-friendly digital displays. It’s easy to preset the temperatures you want for different times of the day. You save a lot of time and eliminate errors, since you don’t have to make continued trips to the thermostat at various times of the day, seven days per week.

There are various thermostats to choose from. Whatever programmable thermostat you choose, however, it will be an improvement over manual styles.

Benefits of Jupiter programmable thermostats

There are numerous differences that an updated thermostat makes. Check out some of the benefits Jupiter programmable thermostats provide and see if any of them surprise you:

  • The top reason to switch to a programmable thermostat is because it can help you seriously cut utility costs. Energy bills are motivating homeowners and business owners everywhere to find new ways to cut costs. Every degree you raise or lower your temperature setting can save you up to 2% on your utility expenses. A programmable thermostat makes sense because you can keep the air conditioner at a higher setting while everyone is away, for instance, and adjust it to a cooler setting in time to make the temperature comfortable when you get home.
  • It will save you time when you don’t need to manually adjust your thermostat to the various appropriate levels throughout the day.
  • Human error can be eliminated. No worries about forgetting to change the temperature setting before leaving for work. With a programmable thermostat, if it isn’t already pre-set, you will be able to make an adjustment from wherever you are, using a laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or cell phone, if you have a smart model.
  • A state-of-the-art programmable thermostat helps you optimize your air conditioning and heating system. Even if you have an older system, you can increase efficiency with one of these top HVAC products.
  • If you have a smart thermostat, you could receive email alerts for times when the temperature in your home falls or rises beyond the pre-determined range. You can also be alerted if your network becomes disconnected due to a power outage.
  • Some Jupiter programmable thermostats are able to make adjustments automatically based on energy-saving habits. It’s possible to allow a smart thermostat to automatically handle management of your home’s climate. Choosing this option is almost guaranteed to save you money.

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The best choice you can make to reduce the cost of living is to shop Jupiter programmable thermostats and have our skilled technicians at AirCo install a model that’s ideal for your home and your lifestyle. Contact us today at 561-694-1566.

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