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AirCo Air Conditioning & Heating offers top quality Jupiter air conditioning units and also provides expert installation, repair, and maintenance services. The best way to ensure lower utility costs with an efficient air conditioning unit is by having experts involved in selecting the correct unit for the home or business. Professional installation is also essential; our AirCo technicians are uniquely qualified as a result of their experience and continuous training. Whether your Jupiter air conditioning unit is one of the most technologically advanced or whether it is an older model, AirCo technicians can get the job done right, to ensure maximum efficiency and year-around comfort.

JUPITER AIR CONDITIONING UNITS - 561-694-1566“How do I know I need an AC replacement?”

Residential and commercial air conditioning systems have certain lifespans. Most residential AC systems have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Once your system gets to be this old, keep watch for signs that repair or replacement is needed. The following are a few indicators that an AC system needs repair or replacement:

  • If your utility bills are higher than they usually are, it could be the system is no longer capable of being cost-effective. At some point, no amount of maintenance or repair can reverse downward trends. It may be time to give serious consideration to a new Jupiter air conditioning unit from AirCo.
  • If your repair expenses keep rising, it’s a good indication that you made need to look at Jupiter air conditioning units from AirCo. If you need two or more repairs per year or if any repair costs more than half the expense of installing a new HVAC unit, it’s time to call AirCo.
  • Sometimes a single noise from an air conditioner indicates that specific repairs are needed. If, on the other hand, your AC causes noise pollution when it’s on, it could be that your system needs to be replaced. The good news is that you will enjoy lower utility costs, no matter which of the Jupiter air conditioning units from AirCo you choose.
  • Just the fact that your AC system is 20 years old is enough to make plans for AC replacement. As you enter summer with an HVAC unit two decades old, you are at risk of having a permanent AC system fail when the cooling unit is needed most. This is a situation where it’s better to take preventative actions and have the experts at AirCo professionally install one of our Jupiter air conditioning units.

Efficient air conditioning units

Newer models of Jupiter air conditioning units are more cost-effective than any unit that may have been installed 15 to 20 years ago. We recommend installing a programmable thermostat on new or existing AC units, to improve efficiency and help reduce utility costs.

Once you’ve had your new AC unit installed, our highly skilled AirCo technicians can provide maintenance and repairs of the highest quality.

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