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AirCo Air Conditioning & Heating provides Jupiter pool heating, to keep your swimming pool comfortable and accessible throughout the year. Pool heating helps homeowners enjoy the benefits of their pools year around, though utility costs are sometimes almost 50% higher during months when a pool is heated. With the help of our expert technicians at AirCo, you can enjoy pool heating efficiency that helps keep costs down.

JUPITER POOL HEATING - 561-694-1566Pool Energy Consumption

Pool heating isn’t the only pool function that utilizes electricity. Pumping and filtering hundreds of gallons of water is also an expense. There are various strategies that you can use to make sure your pool is being used with energy efficiency. You may need to switch to an energy-efficient pump, for significant cost reduction. If you don’t have a solar cover for your pool, for when it isn’t being used, getting one could be another real cost-cutter.

Jupiter Pool Heating

AirCo provides pool heating as well pool heater replacement, installation, and repair. No matter what the particular make or model of your pool heater, it is important that it be installed by a trained professional. There are many variables involved with the installation of a pool heater, and ensuring quality performance and safe operating conditions requires expert pool heating services.

For example, if the pool heater installed in your pool is too small for the pool, energy will be wasted, as the unit works overtime to attempt to effectively heat the water. A heater that’s too large is also a waste, since it can’t operate as efficiently when installed for a pool of a smaller size than is recommended by the manufacturer.

Pool Heater Maintenance

There are different types of pool heaters, and all of them benefit from ongoing maintenance and repair, as needed. Pump technology may be utilized for a pool heater to function. Others rely on natural gas. This is a mechanical system with components that are always in close proximity to water, and regular maintenance is essential. Our AirCo technicians encourage pool owners to contact them as soon as they suspect something could be wrong with the pool heater. If issues aren’t addressed quickly, it could become a safety risk.

Contact us at AirCo if any of the following issues occur with your pool heater:

  • The pool water doesn’t reach the desired temperature.
  • The heater won’t ignite.
  • You can’t get the pilot lit.
  • The pool heater frequently cycles on and off.
  • Sparking, whistling, or clicking sounds are coming from the heater.
  • The heater emits dark exhaust fumes.
  • The heater has become damaged because of excessive heat.

Tips for Extending the Life Span of a Pool Heater

In addition to entrusting maintenance and repairs to our technicians at AirCo, the following are some things homeowners can do to ensure that their pool heater’s lifespan is extended as much as possible:

  • Avoid adding mulch near the heater.
  • Trim foliage above or around the pool heater.
  • Sweep under the burner tray.
  • Clean the heat exchanger when debris collects there.
  • Use mint sachets or moth balls to keep rodents away.

AirCo for Jupiter Pool Heating

Please note that it is dangerous to attempt gas or electrical repairs around water. Contact us at AirCo at 561-694-1566 for Jupiter pool heating, to ensure maximum safety, comfort, and efficiency.

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