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Get Through the Seasons with AC Installation North Palm Beach

AirCo Air Conditioning & Heating is widely preferred as the go-to company for AC installation North Palm Beach. We provide customer service of the highest quality because our technicians are experienced and highly trained, and they care about achieving 100% customer satisfaction. Once your AC system is no longer blowing enough cold air to keep your home or business comfortable, further repairs may no longer make financial sense. When it’s time for AC installation, you can make the most of the situation with AirCo technicians handling the job. A properly installed new HVAC system of the correct size for your home or business will ultimately save you money on reduced utility costs. Unfortunately, there are many companies that will do the job but with substandard practices and materials.

Your new AC system

Our AirCo specialists have had extensive factory training. Experience is needed to correctly determine the size and capacity of a new AC system that’s ideal for a particular home or business. A load calculation is done to determine the amount of heat energy that must be displaced from a space in which an air conditioner is installed. This is essential to the process of figuring the correct size of air conditioning system for a home or business.

3 reasons qualified AC installers are essential

If AC installation North Palm Beach isn’t performed correctly, the resulting added costs of heating and cooling fall to the consumer. Mistakes are easily made, when the work is done by unqualified installers without a commitment to providing quality services. The following are the types of errors in installation you will avoid by calling on AirCo to professionally install your new air conditioning system:

  • An accurate assessment must be done, to determine the correct size of a new air conditioning system on a particular project. Getting this detail right is critical, to take advantage of modern efficiencies in air conditioning and cooling systems. If the AC installation in North Palm Beach is a unit that’s too small, it will have to work above the intended capacity to make the home or business comfortable. This results in inefficiency and a minimal lifespan of the air conditioner. Installing an AC that’s too large for the space is just as inefficient and costly.
  • The issue of whether or not to install new ductwork is part of the process of getting a new air conditioner. In most cases, we find that ductwork needs to be replaced in order for the entire system to provide you with satisfactory results. It’s also important for the duct size to match the AC unit’s output capacity.
  • If the ductwork leaks or was originally installed incorrectly, it should be replaced. Faulty installation techniques reflect poor workmanship and fail to enhance the performance of the HVAC system.
  • The design of the duct system determines whether air distribution helps to improve air conditioning efficiency. Professionals are needed for AC installation in North Palm Beach, to make sure the ductwork is as effective as your new AC.

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At AirCo, we care about our customers and their comfort level in the home. Ensuring the highest quality of HVAC services is the reason our technicians are fully trained and experienced. Contact AirCo today at 561-694-1566 for the best in AC installation North Palm Beach.

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