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Before Considering AC Repair Jupiter, Remember…

AirCo Air Conditioning & Heating offers AC repair Jupiter of the highest quality. Our technicians are highly trained and can provide the repair and maintenance services that will keep your air conditioner running during the most intense Florida heat waves. It’s miserable to experience an AC problem when the weather is especially sultry, and our technicians can be relied upon to efficiently get the job done right the first time.

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Common Types of Air Conditioning Repair

Many quality air conditioning brands, such as Rheem, are true workhorses that can be relied on for many years, especially with professional maintenance. Problems still arise from time to time, however. There are many moving parts and other components in an HVAC unit. The following are some common types of AC repair Jupiter:

  • Air conditioner compressors are hard-working, complex components of HVAC systems. Refrigerant, a hazardous material, runs through it; only certified technicians should work on compressors.
  • Your AC has an evaporator fan, known as the blower. There is also a condenser fan, which is part of the outdoor unit. The fans both serve important functions. It’s not uncommon for belt issues to arise. The fan motors also sometimes needs repair, and fan blades can become bent.
  • AC repair Jupiter is often needed because the unit overheats, gets flooded, and freezes up. There are other possible causes of an iced over AC, such as restricted air flow and a fan that isn’t functioning properly. The AC can completely shut off, if too much ice forms on it.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Cuts Repair Costs

The best way to keep down costs of AC repair Jupiter is with ongoing professional maintenance. Many manufacturers require proof of regular maintenance, before honoring AC warranties. There are numerous benefits to scheduling routine professional maintenance for your HVAC unit, including the following:

  • You can prolong the life of your air conditioner with proper, scheduled maintenance. Without expert upkeep, the lifespan of your AC unit will be much shorter. This is similar to a car, which needs regular oil changes. If that simple step is neglected for too long, the entire engine needs to be replaced.
  • Regular maintenance keeps your air conditioner running efficiently. By making small repairs and adjustments routinely, the need for major, expensive repairs can usually be avoided. When you need AC repair Jupiter on a well-maintained unit, it’s typically a minor issue.
  • A well-maintained air conditioner is efficient and will do a good job of keeping down utility costs.

When AC Repair Jupiter Isn’t Enough

No one performs AC repair Jupiter better than our technicians at AirCo. With every air conditioning unit, however, the time comes when maintenance and repair aren’t enough to restore it to proper working condition. Signs that you may need a replacement AC include that the air conditioner shuts down altogether, it smells bad, or it runs continually without providing comfortable indoor temperatures.

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