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DIY AC Repair Tequesta

AirCo Air Conditioning & Heating provides reliable AC repair Tequesta. In Florida, where the weather is often sultry, the air conditioner is more a necessity than pure luxury. To avoid extended periods of misery, with no working air conditioner, you can depend upon AirCo for exceptional AC services, as many homeowners and business owners have been doing for more than 15 years. All of our technicians are highly trained, and they are devoted to providing 100% customer satisfaction. We offer 24/7 repair services and can usually perform same-day services in an emergency. Most importantly, we efficiently get needed repairs done right the first time.

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Common Types of Air Conditioning Repair

Many name-brand modern air conditioning units are sturdy, well-built, and durable. Air conditioners have a lot of components, however, including moving parts. Repairs are eventually needed, especially when the unit doesn’t receive routine professional maintenance. The following are examples of common types of AC repair Tequesta that our technicians perform, as needed:

  • Air conditioners have an evaporator fan (or blower) and a condenser fan, which is part of the outdoor unit. The indoor fan pushes cooled air through your ductwork. The condenser fan helps to remove heat from your system. The fan belts often need adjustment or replacement, motors sometimes need repair, and the fan blades can become bent.
  • The compressor is an essential component of your air conditioner, and it can be the reason you need AC repair Tequesta. The compressor has its own motor and a lot of electrical wiring. Refrigerant runs through this complex device, and it is highly recommended that only certified technicians handle it.
  • Although air conditioners make some sounds, there are times when the noises from an AC provide a clue that AC repair Tequesta is needed. If you hear rattling, that typically means an AC component has come loose. Grinding indicates possible problems with bearings, and screeching can mean belt alignment is needed.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Cuts Repair Costs

Many manufacturers require homeowners and business owners to schedule routine professional AC maintenance, for them to honor any warranty claims. There are numerous benefits to AC maintenance, including less costly AC repair Tequesta, extended lifespan of your HVAC equipment, and improved energy efficiency.

When AC Repair Tequesta Isn’t Enough

Air conditioners have certain lifespans. At some point, repairs can no longer keep an AC unit going. Homeowners often struggle with making the decision to go ahead and get a new HVAC system instead of continuing with ongoing AC repair Tequesta. We suggest that an AC be replaced instead of repaired when the cost of repairs is roughly half the expense of buying a whole new system.

Air Conditioning Installation

With a replacement AC, professional AC installation is essential. Our AirCo technicians have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that an air conditioner is the correct size for the space it will be cooling and that the design of air duct distribution is appropriate, to keep all of the rooms equally comfortable.

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The best way to ensure indoor comfort, no matter how brutal it is outside, is by scheduling AC repair Tequesta as well as routine maintenance with AirCo. Contact us today at 561-694-1566.

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