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Keep Cool and Calm with Air Conditioning Repair Tequesta

AirCo Air Conditioning & Heating is the company most relied on for air conditioning repair Tequesta. With the heat and humidity so prevalent in Florida, the air conditioner is considered more a necessity than a luxury. For 15-plus years, technicians at AirCo have been gaining experience and undergoing extensive training, to ensure that the AC services we provide are of the highest quality. With AirCo in charge of air conditioning repair Tequesta, you can be confident of enjoying continued comfort in your home and business.

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Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair

An air conditioner sometimes needs repair, even when it is still up and running. Ignoring various signs that air conditioning repair Tequesta may be called for usually results in higher costs later on. It’s reasonable to think of an AC system as similar to an automobile. If you don’t bring your car in for various types of maintenance and repair, it won’t be as efficient or as durable as it would be with the professionals providing needed services. The following are indications that air conditioning repair Tequesta is needed:

  • Your air conditioner seems to run on and on, without ever switching off. The problem could be that more coolant is needed or parts may need to be cleaned. Whatever the issue turns out to be, running continuously causes wear and tear.
  • If there is a prolonged burning smell, your system is likely overheating; and it could become a fire hazard. A musty odor can be an indication that there is mold in the AC system; in that case, as well, air conditioning repair Tequesta is needed.
  • Although air conditioners make some sound, there are some types of sounds that clearly indicate air conditioning repair is needed. Rattling, thudding, grinding, and screeching are all noises that you don’t want to hear from your AC.
  • When an AC becomes overheated, it gets flooded and can freeze up. There are various potential causes; in all cases, air conditioning repair Tequesta is recommended.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Cuts Repair Costs

Because customer service is a priority with our specialists at AirCo, we don’t hesitate to suggest air conditioning maintenance. There are numerous benefits to providing ongoing care, as opposed to taking action only when something breaks down. The attention your AC receives will improve energy efficiency, results in fewer expensive repairs, and will extend the life of your HVAC equipment.

When Air Conditioning Repair Jupiter Isn’t Enough

At some point, all air conditioners need to be replaced; but homeowners often struggle with determining when to quit making repairs and buy a new AC. We suggest that an air conditioner that is at least 10 years old should be replaced, since the unit will probably only go downhill from now on. The sooner you have a new, more efficient system installed, the sooner you can have improved indoor comfort and lower monthly utility bills.

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