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The hot summer months are upon us, being without an air conditioning unit can be absolute torture, especially on those scorching hot summer days and nights. Calling an Air Conditioner Company in Jupiter, FL and surrounding Palm beach County areas is important.

So, unless you want to spend your days frequenting the local shopping center to keep cool, it may be a good idea to invest in an air conditioning unit for your home. After all, what is the point of a home if you cannot enjoy living in it?

In this article, AirCo would like to provide you with some of the top tips and features to look at before choosing what type of air-conditioning system to buy for your home.

Calling an Air Conditioner Company in Jupiter, FL
Calling an Air Conditioner Company in Jupiter, FL is as easy as a walk on the beach!

Air Conditioner Company Jupiter

# 1 Measure The Size of Your Room Carefully

In most instances, the size of the air conditioning system should match the size of the room that you want to put the air conditioner in. There is no point in getting a unit that can cool down half the house and then put it in your bedroom.

At the same time, it is pointless getting a small air conditioning unit and expecting it to cool down a huge living area.

# 2 Type of Air-conditioning Units Available

There are essentially two types of air-conditioning systems on the market:

Window Air conditioner

  • These units are usually cheaper
  • Easy to install
  • Can be noisier than a split aircon unit
  • Available in various designs
  • Attached to a window

Split Air conditioner

  • Best air distribution
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Faster cooling capabilities
  • Available in various designs
  • Best for long-term use
  • Have a compressor unit

# 3 Check for Energy Efficiency

When it comes to air-conditioning systems energy efficiency is one of the most important things to consider, especially if you don’t want your electricity bill to be sky high! What you need is an air-conditioning system that provides efficient cooling while at the same time uses less energy.

The star rating of an air-conditioning unit has been standardized by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. The higher the star rating of the device the better. It is always best to look for a star rating of five if you are worried about energy usage.

# 4 Air Quality is A Must

An air conditioning system should be equipped with a good filter to improve the quality of the air deployed inside the home.

These days air-conditioning units’ come with air filters. These air filters are used to clean the air and prevent odors and other germs from getting inside. A good air filter is imperative if you want your unit to run efficiently.

# 5 Check the Decibels

You may not find this important when initially looking for an aircon unit, but you are going to find it very annoying if the noise from your air-conditioning system is keeping you up at night!

The best thing to do when choosing an air-conditioning system is to make sure that the noise levels are within 50dB.

# 6 Choose a Good Service Provider to Install and Maintain Your Unit

Finally, proper installation and thereafter maintenance of your air conditioning system are critical.  Ideally, installation, repairs, and maintenance of your unit should be done by an authorized service center.

Finding the correct service provider can mean all the difference between a good or bad performance air conditioning system. Maintenance should be kept up so that any damage caused in the event of a fault is minimal.

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