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If you want your HVAC unit to continue to function efficiently all year round, then it is important to get it maintained at regular intervals. While professional maintenance is a must, there are also things that you can do to get your HVAC unit ready for Winter.

It is important to prepare your air-conditioning unit before the start of Winter to prevent any damage that any harsh weather conditions such as snow and ice can cause.

In this article, we will look at some ways in which to make sure that your HVAC unit is ready for the cold winter months.

Winter AC Palm

Steps to Take When Checking your HVAC Unit for Winter


Switch of the Electricity to the Unit

This should go without saying but turning off your HVAC unit before checking it is one of the most important steps! The last thing you want is to be electrocuted while performing maintenance tasks on your unit.

Time to Inspect

Carefully check for rust, cracks, leaks, and any other potential issues. Once this has been done then make sure that all the seals are in good condition and tightened securely.

Because cracks and rust can cause some unwanted future issues it is a good idea to contact your HVAC specialist to get these fixed as soon as possible.

Clean The Unit

Remove any debris from your HVAC unit, and then wash off any dirt with a bucket or a hose to make sure that the unit is clean. Once this has been done allow the unit to dry.

Cleaning your HVAC unit is the best way to ensure that your unit does not break down during winter by getting clogged up with dirt and debris.

Check the Insulation

Check your unit for any wiring that may be exposed. Do the same with the pipes going to and from your HVAC unit. If there are any insulation problems, then it is best to use duct tape to keep the foam insulation intact. This insulation is needed to prevent the pipes in your HVAC unit from freezing and cracking during winter.


Once you have gone through all the steps listed above it is time to waterproof your HVAC unit. You can do this by using a plastic or vinyl cover.

Waterproofing your unit is the best way to protect it from the harsh winter elements that can cause cracking and also keep it free from any dirt and debris.

Continue to Maintain and Check Your Unit Regularly

You have successfully completed maintenance on your HVAC unit, and it should now be winter ready! It is of the utmost importance that you continue to check the unit regularly to prevent it from becoming clogged with debris or covered with accumulated ice or snow.

Although these regular checks can significantly increase the life span and efficiency of your unit it is important to have it regularly maintained by an HVAC specialist. This minimizes the risk of costly repairs and will ensure that your unit is in tip-top condition and ready for the icy winter months.

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