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As a resident of Palm Beach County, you are well aware of the potential impact of hurricane season on your home and property. But have you considered the impact on your air conditioning system? Your AC is a critical component of your home’s comfort and safety, and it’s important to ensure it’s properly prepared for hurricane season.

As an air conditioning company serving Palm Beach County, we understand the unique challenges that hurricane season can bring. Tips on how to prepare your air conditioning system for hurricane season, and the benefits of doing so.

  1. Secure outdoor units: During a hurricane, outdoor units can be easily damaged by debris or high winds. Ensure your unit is properly secured with hurricane straps, or consider installing a protective cage.
  2. Shut off power: Before a storm hits, shut off the power to your air conditioning system to avoid any potential electrical issues. This can be done at the main breaker or at the disconnect switch located near the outdoor unit.
  3. Cover the unit: While it’s important to secure your outdoor unit, covering it can provide additional protection from debris and flying objects. Use a manufacturer-approved cover or a tarp secured with bungee cords.
  4. Protect the condenser coils: The fins on your condenser coils can easily be bent or damaged during a storm. Protect them with a foam coil guard or a piece of plywood secured with bungee cords.
  5. Clear debris: Remove any loose items from your yard that could become projectiles during a storm. Trim any nearby trees or branches that could potentially fall on your outdoor unit.

By taking these steps to prepare your air conditioning system for hurricane season, you can minimize the risk of damage and ensure your system is up and running as soon as possible after the storm.

But preparing for hurricane season isn’t just about protecting your air conditioning system. It’s also about protecting your home and your family. By ensuring your air conditioning system is properly prepared, you can stay comfortable and safe during and after a storm.

Here are some additional benefits of preparing your air conditioning system for hurricane season:

  1. Avoid costly repairs: By taking the time to secure your air conditioning system, you can avoid potentially costly repairs or replacement of damaged equipment.
  2. Ensure proper function: After a storm, it’s important to have your air conditioning system inspected by a professional to ensure it’s functioning properly. By preparing your system ahead of time, you can avoid any potential issues that could affect your comfort and safety.
  3. Improve energy efficiency: Properly securing your outdoor unit and protecting your condenser coils can help improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system, reducing your energy costs.
  4. Extend the lifespan of your system: By properly maintaining and protecting your air conditioning system, you can extend its lifespan and avoid premature replacement.

At AirCo, we understand the importance of preparing your air conditioning system for hurricane season. Our team of experts can help ensure your system is properly secured and maintained, so you can stay comfortable and safe during even the most severe storms.

Don’t wait until a storm is on its way. Contact us today to schedule a maintenance appointment and ensure your air conditioning system is ready for hurricane season.