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Summer has landed in Jupiter Florida, and the days and nights are scorching hot. To keep cool your air-conditioning unit has been working extra hard.

When an HVAC unit has been working harder than usual it is always a good idea to make sure that it is in tip-top shape. This need not be done by a professional and you can do it by yourself to save some money. This is especially true when it comes to portable or window air-conditioning units.

In this blog we will give you some tips and advise on how to keep your HVAC system running at maximum efficiency during the hot summer months.

clean ac florida
Clean AC Florida

Tips on How to Clean a Central AC Unit

When it comes to central air-conditioning units the condenser is the most important part of the system and needs to be kept clean and free of dirt and debris.

Step by Step Guide to Condenser Maintenance

Indoor Units

  • First you need to make sure that your air-conditioning system has been turned off for your own safety.
  • Time to locate the vent. Your vent can be either under the windows, on the ceiling, on the walls or on the floor.
  • One the vent has been located remove its cover. These vents are normally secured with screws or push tabs.
  • The next step is to remove the filter from behind the vent cover.
  • Once this has been removed you are able to either clean or replace it as you see fit.
  • If the filter needs to be replaced, then put in a new one and making sure that the arrows are facing in the right direction.

Outdoor Units

  • Switch off the unit. The switch is most often located under a lid that is near the condenser unit.
  • Carefully remove the condenser unit and remove any debris that is in or around the unit. You can use a vacuum cleaner to do this.
  • Once this has been done you can spray down the unit with a hose and thereafter allow it to dry before turning it back on.

Tips on How to Clean a Window AC Unit


If you own a window AC unit then it is important to focus on the filters and coils.

Step by Step Guide to Filter and Coil Maintenance

  • As always, turn the unit off for safety purposes.
  • You will see a front cover that it usually closed with screws or tabs. Remove the front cover and proceed to open the unit.
  • Carefully remove the filter that will be in front of the unit. If you are batting to find it, then check the manual.
  • Clean the filter with water and soap and let is dry before placing it back into the unit.
  • The next step is to locate the evaporator and condenser coils. Again, consult your manual if you are not sure where these are located.
  • Clean the coils carefully using soapy water preferably in a spray bottle.
  • Make sure that all the parts are dry before you replace the front cover.

How AirCo Can Assist

In some cases, there is only so much you can do to keep your HVAC unit working optimally and at a maximum efficiency. Central air-conditioning systems may require professionals to come and check the unit as well as inspect the ductwork to make sure that your HVAC is operating efficiently.

If you find that your air conditioning unit is battling to cool down your home or maintain a consistent temperature, then it is best to call in a professional to assist you.

At AirCo our technicians are highly qualified and have received the best training to be able to work on every make and model of air conditioners. In addition, our technicians are trained regularly and are kept up to date with all the latest in green strategies.

We make sure that our staff is background-checked, experienced, and friendly so that your aircon repair and maintenance needs are dealt with professionally, respectfully, and safely.