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It is finally the weekend, the family double-story home if full and it is a wonderful summer’s day. Your HVAC unit is running to keep the house cool and comfortable. Life is good.

You go upstairs to your room and suddenly realize that the top story of your home is a good ten degrees warmer than it is downstairs! You turn the thermostat down to try and solve the problem, only to get complaints from the rest of the family that downstairs now feels like the North Pole.

Why is this the case, and how can it be fixed? This blog will explain why in most double-story homes upstairs is hotter than downstairs and how this problem can be corrected with your air conditioner.

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Physics 101

Firstly, let’s get straight to the simple rule of physics. Hot air rises and cold air sinks. Therefore, the upstairs of your home is going to be significantly warmer than the downstairs.

Here is what you can do to overcome the problem:

Identify and Resolve any Underlying Problems

First, make sure that your fan has been turned on and that the fan setting in your HVAC unit is not set to Auto. If the fan is turned on, then other things could be problems could be at play.

Attic Insulation

In many cases, there is not enough insulation in the attic. Once your attic has been adequately insulated it can increase the level of equal cooling in the home and even save some money on energy bills.

Leaking Air Ducts

If the insulation in the attic is good, then it is time to assess if the ducts that are connected to the second floor of the home are leaking cold air. Unfortunately, cracks in the ductwork can cause an average of 25% of the cool air to be lost.

Blocked Vents

Check the vents around the home to make sure that there is nothing that could be blocking them. Move back furniture, rugs, or anything else that may be causing the vents to become obstructed.

Make Use of a Zoned System

Ideally, if you are in the market for an HVAC system and have a double-story home it is always better to get a zoned heating and cooling system.

When you have a zoned system, the home is divided into different heating and cooling zones. This allows you to heat or cool the different zones at different temperatures.

The Advantages of a Zoned HVAC System


Optimal comfort levels can be reached in each part of the home ensuring that the upstairs and the downstairs of the home are always kept cool and comfortable.

Energy Saving

When you own a Zoned HVAC system you are in control of how much energy you are using. If there are certain rooms in the home that are not used much and do not require as much cooling, then you can control the amount of cool air reaching these rooms.

Improved Air Quality

Because zoned units are ductless, they minimize the chances of dust, dirt, and other allergens from entering your home.

A Longer Lifespan

When an HVAC unit is not continually forced to keep an entire double-story home cool at the same time it prolongs the life span of the unit and saves you money on repairs.

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