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Summer is no time to be suffering because your air conditioning system isn’t up to par. The worst time ever for air conditioning problems is in the middle of the hottest months of the year, and it seems like this is always when the breakdowns happen. In order to avoid having a situation like this, one of the best things any home owner can do is to get out ahead of the problem and schedule a tune-up of their air conditioning system with a qualified and expert HVAC professional like Airco in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

air conditioning palm beach gardensThe experts from Airco can inspect your system and check for things like cracks or other damage, leaky connections or loose fittings, apply necessary lubrication for moving parts, do a recharge of the refrigerant used in the system and other checks like leads or mold in your duct work. Checking your battery for the thermostat and its functionality is also something they will do during your tune-up.

During this inspection and tune-up, any serious problems that have already occurred or that might be on the verge of becoming issues can also be identified. The work done during the tune-up significantly optimizes all of the HVAC systems and functionality in your home, extends the life of your system, and actually relieves about 95 percent of what would turn into a repair problem down the road.

Your Airco specialist would also advise you to start each month with a self-inspection of your air filters from inside the unit in the home. If they are clogged or dirty, you should replace them immediately. Clogged and dirty filters cause the system to bog down and not use refrigerant efficiently, placing additional stress on the equipment. They will also tell you to pay attention to how your system sounds – any differences from the norm or unusual sounds heard periodically or even a difference in the airflow should be recounted to your Palm Beach Gardens, FL HVAC specialist, Airco.

palm beach gradens hvacMany home owners who are dedicated DIY’ers are tempted to do a tune-up on their own without calling in a professional. It is definitely not recommended that you do this as the HVAC systems in your home are specialized pieces of equipment that require study and experience to deal with effectively. You can cancel out your warranty by performing home repair or maintenance as you are likely not up to speed on current regulations and code requirements. HVAC systems are highly regulated and there are lots of restrictions on their use and maintenance. Additionally, if you aren’t a licensed HVAC specialist, you won’t be able to obtain the necessary Freon to recharge your system, if that is needed.

Making sure you have developed a relationship with your Airco Palm Beach Gardens, FL HVAC specialist
means that you have taken steps to extend the life of your air conditioning system for as long as it is feasibly serviceable. And, when it is time to look at new systems, Airco will be there to help you decide the next steps. Don’t leave it to chance or wait until you have a major repair problem – call Airco from Palm Beach Gardens, FL at 561-694-1566 and get your system running at its best now, before summer really kicks in.